Fashion Services + Styling.

Personal Shopping

Starting with a complimentary consultation, each client will receive shopping services to meet their needs.  I will purchase items for the client and fit them accordingly.  I will return and exchange all items as well.  Clients are also given the choice to shop along with me to learn what exactly to look for in the future!

Closet Make-Over

Ever find yourself stuck trying to find the right item in your overfilled closet?  This service will help you do just that~  With a relaxed consultation, together, we will decide the direction of your wardrobe.  From there I will help the client eliminate, fit, and clean up your closet.

Special Event Styling

Along with a complimentary consultation, this service allows me to find the perfect look for that important event.  I will head to toe outfit the client and also give make-up suggestions, tips, and hair styles.

Travel Packing

It can be hard deciding what to pack for a vacation.  With this service, I will pick the best pieces for the client and eliminate items that are not needed.


Have a fashion line or small business that needs help with marketing and exposure?  I’m just the person to help, together we will create a marketing plan and direction for your business.  From that point, I will execute the plan increasing business.

To learn more about my services please contact via phone or email:



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