essential nyc ~ day three.

Unfortunately, our trip to NYC was coming to a close.  Leaving the Waldorf was going to be a hard task, and heading back to Florida wasn’t going to be easy either.  From that standpoint, we all decided to spend the day touring Central Park.

photo(48)Spending the majority of our final day in Central Park, I came to the conclusion that no trip to New York is complete without doing the tourist attractions the park has to offer.  These attractions range from carriage rides to ice skating; the zoo is fun as well.

Being one of the great locations, landmarks, and American staples, Central Park is a quintessential spot to visit in NYC.  While I lived in the city I visited the park daily.


Meeting my mother’s close friends for lunch, we made the decision to dine at the  Loeb Boathouse- a New York historical location.  Originally, the Central Park Boathouse was used for exactly its title, now it’s a great restaurant and attraction where you can rent bikes and row boats.


We ordered many selections, but I chose the twin boathouse burgers ($19), served with house-made tater tots, pickles and condiments.  The burgers were delicious, but the service was not so great.  After speaking with the manager, we were invited back for champagne and desserts for the evening.



After our late lunch, we took a stroll through the park.  Overall, a good experience- couldn’t ask for a better day in NYC.


Loeb Boathouse



East 72nd Street and Park Drive North
New York, NY

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