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Located on the ninth floor of Barneys, Fred’s is a great place to do a power lunch or just relax with no worry of mistake.  I recently ate at Fred’s a couple of weeks ago, and, without surprise, was completely delighted by my experience.


In a rush to make reservations, Fred’s was incredibly accommodating to my dining party.  We had unfortunately made a mistake with where we first attempted to dine, and quickly moved our lunch to Fred’s knowing it as one of our go to places to lunch.

freds doors 2

During this particular luncheon, I chose the wonderful chopped chicken salad ($26).  First, being served bread, I opted out of a starter, knowing the large size of the salad.  Others in my party ordered a small salad.



Along with my salad, the lasagna bolognese ($24) was ordered and the wise guy artisan pizza, which was topped with peppers and sausage.  Being the foodie that I am, I had to try all the dishes.  The pizza was great and very much of the New York style; I really enjoyed the sweet kick that you tasted with the pizza.  The lasagna was great too, above mediocre, I would say consistently good, but not to be raved over.



Therefore, Fred’s is an awesome place to have lunch.  I love consistent restaurants where the service is impeccable and accommodating; Fred’s does just that.  With its chic atmosphere, I promise Fred’s will be a great choice.

660 Madison Avenue 
New York, NY 10065

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