essential nyc ~ day one.

A couple of weeks ago I traveled from Orlando to New York City, in search of some great food and new fashion.   Plus, I wanted to give my readers the essential NYC experience when there for a few days.  So, I was tired of the hot Florida weather, and wanted to feel cool air, and maybe even some snow.It was a hard debate, and decision, on where to stay, but I chose the Waldorf=Astoria for its great location, reputation, and history… also I had a few Hilton Honors Points, but that’s besides the point.

When traveling to NYC, for just a few days, you have to stay in one of the major hotels; this gives your experience the right big apple feeling.  Also, the “famous” hotels are in the right location allowing you a short walk to the 5th Avenue shopping and a short taxi ride downtown.


The Waldorf=Astoria was restored to is original Park Avenue grandeur in the 1980s, when many decor artifacts were discovered underneath some wall paper and paint.  As you walk into the main lobby its emerald green atmosphere makes you feel special and part of New York history.  I will complete my review by the end of this journey.

After checking into my beautiful pink room, I automatically made my way to Philippe.  For more info about the restaurant, check out my post, Philippe. Tonight, I had, my favorite, the Vegetable Spring Rolls and Beijing Chicken. Although I have eaten at Philippe many times, I always have a great experience; the food and service in impeccable and very consistent.Can’t wait to tell you all about the great shopping and eating tomorrow!  Xx

Waldorf Astoria ($$$)
301 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 872-4913
33 East 60th St.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 644-8885

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