seasons 52


Seasons 52, located throughout the US, is a great place to go dine in a healthy manner.  Being part of the Darden Corporation I was not expecting such high quality food and a great atmosphere; this place is no Red Lobster or Olive Garden.

chef’s table ~ picture courtesy

At Seasons, every dish is under 475 calories, and does not taste like it! Even the main entrees are very good.  I have dined at Seasons several times, simply because it is convenient and you are guaranteed a quality experience.  Additionally, the wine selection is nice as well.

This evening I had the Autumn Vegetarian Tasting.  This dish included a soft taco, chili relleno, vegetables, cedar roasted tofu, and mango chutney.  I wasn’t too crazy about the chili relleno; I found it to be lacking something.  However, the rest of the dish was good.  The taco had a great combination of guacamole and spice vegetables.  Unfortunately, the tofu was a little on the cold side.

On two of my other visits, I ordered the Maui Tuna Crunch salad which was decent; I would recommend the dish.  Also, the tuna was of good grade- you could taste the freshness of the fish, also, the color was impeccable. I always judge a restaurant by how they prepare their tuna and what grade they buy to serve to their patrons. Also ordered was the roasted salmon.  Very good, but would not say it was the best salmon I’ve ever had; although, beyond edible.



Seasons 52 is a great choice for consistent, quality food in a great atmosphere with amazing service.  At a good price for the quality you are receiving, I recommend Seasons.

Seasons 52


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