st. petersburg and tampa.

I love visiting new areas and trying out different types of cuisine where ever I go.  Recently, I took a couple of trips to Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida.  For the next few weeks I will be posting about different aspects of the region.I am first going to start out with the local fair of downtown St. Petersburg.  I have to say that I was impressed by how on trend the city is and the uniqueness of the local stores and restaurants.  You can really tell that the city of St. Pete has taken out the time to research where the future of city planning is going and what the local and tourist is asking for in their destination.

However, I was not impressed with either of the restaurants I visited; the food was below mediocre.  Yes, the town is quaint and it is also beautiful; but, I would not say it’s a destination for those looking for culinary delight.

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The first restaurant, where I dined, was named Tryst.  Having great curb appeal and a good vibe, I would most-likely visit again for a drink, but not to dine.  I always like to try the tuna selection offered where ever I go; so, I ordered the tuna tartar ($18) at Tryst.

To my disappointment, the tuna was low grade and was not fresh.  The concept was good; being served in wonton shells glazed with a soy sauce reduction.  But, without the tuna being fresh a prepared properly, the dish was unfortunately very bad.

Later, on a different trip to St. Pete, I was again disappointed with my tuna selection.  This time at a restaurant named Bellabrava, New World Trattoria.  Again, just like at Tryst, Bellabrava had great curb appeal and was comparable to the restaurants where I normally dine. However, once trying the ahi tuna carpaccio ($10), I decided that I would never go there again.  Just like Tryst, the tuna was low grade and seemed stale.Also ordered was the bruschetta ($7).  Covered in a goat cheese spread, I figured this dish would be very good.  To my surprise, it was not.  The bread was not toasted long enough and became very soggy- unappetizing.  Also, the tomato mix was doused in balsamic to the point where I started pucker.  Bellabrava was very bad to the point where I do not know what else to say.

Overall, both restaurants were great for a drink or a glass of wine, and the service was mediocre.  The food, nonetheless, was below par and overpriced for the quality of food received.

240 Beach Drive NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Bella Brava
204 Beach Dr NE
St. Pete, FL 33701

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