in prepartion for fall.

Today I was out taking a look at the new fall fashions; I was trying to decide on what I want to buy and how I’m going to set up my fall wardrobe.  So, I thought I would give you all a little insight as to what I’m basing this fall’s new look upon.  My inspiration this year is based on color and texture, rather than a specific picture, fashion house, or design.

I decided on three basic colors for my fall look- red, blue, and black.  From there I am adding different shades for some contrast.

Along with the colors I am adding two textures- fur and leather.  I’m going for leather pieces such as these:

DVF Kate Leather Jacket

Theory Macha Jacket

And fur designs such as the pictures below.

Adrienne Landau Exclusive

Veronica Beard

Can’t wait to get out there and shop! Happy fall everyone! Xx


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