my nyc.

I’ve had a little bit of writers block for the last couple of weeks, but I finally found some inspiration today; while walking through my college campus I started thinking about my next move and how my life was about to change in about four weeks. Although I have done some traveling and have lived in a few different places, I have called Winter Park, Florida my home for the last four years.

While finding myself between Winter Park and NYC I can truly say that I miss New York.  Last December I stumbled upon this video in T Magazine- a film by Tabitha Denholm, this is Tory Burch’s love letter to New York.  I can relate to her because there is really no other feeling like living in the city.  She discusses JG Melons; it is one of my favorite places- there you feel like a local even though you’ve just moved to the city.  Her discussion of the Upper East Side and the glimpse of the West made me feel at home.  So this is my love letter too- I hope you enjoy. Xx

Tory Burch’s Love Letter to New York


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