cain + aura.

Recently I took a trip to the Atlantis Resort, in the Bahamas, and noticed that the property is more than just another Caribbean destination.  I know I have the tendency to think of the Atlantis as just a casino and a destination for children, but the Cove and Aura Night Club have a lot to offer for those looking a great place to travel.

One of my favorite spots on the Atlantis property is the Cain pool.  It is a beach side pool where you can find cabana rentals, beach side gambling, and a nice bar.

Being that the pool is 18+ you don’t have to deal with the crowds you find around the main pool and water slide areas.  However, remember that Cain is only available to those staying at the Cove or the Reef section of the resort.

Along with laying out at Cain, at night go to Aura, the main club at the Atlantis.  Managed by Angel Management Group, Aura is comparable to clubs such as LIV in South Beach and  1Oak in NYC.

It seems that Aura is the place to be seen not only in the Bahamas, but just in general.  Being one of the top clubs in the world I went multiple nights and found it to be very accommodating.  Aura is highly recommended and you definitely have to check it out.

Photos by Meghan Pearis

The Cove Atlantis

Aura NightClub

For reservations please call: 888-877-7525


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