prime italian.

Located across the street from Prime 112, Prime Italian offers the diner a great Italian experience with a major trendy and South Beach atmosphere.  Being part of the Myles Restaurant Group it holds its name and meets its reputation.

Walking down Ocean Drive you’ll notice a selection of amazing restaurants, but Prime Italian sticks out.  I truly think that it is appealing to the diner and the food is very good as well.


Prime Italian is not the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten, but it is still very good and I would definitely return. Last time at Prime, I had the angel hair pasta with fresh tomato and basil.  Another part of the meal that I enjoyed was the bread.  At Prime Italian they serve a cheesy garlic bread that arrives at your table wrapped in foil to hold moisture.

There is also an assortment of other items on the menu and a selection of steaks are available.  I additionally enjoyed the selection of sides which makes it easy to find something you like.

Additionally, the service is very good and I would say that I had a better overall dining experience at Prime Italian than I did at Prime 112.  So next time your visiting Miami try Prime Italian, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Recommended ($$$)



101 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach Florida  33139

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For Reservations Please Call
Tel +1.305.695.8484


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