seito sushi ~ baldwin park.


Located in Baldwin Park- a community in Orlando, Florida- Seito Sushi is a great local restaurant with a trendy flair.  Being one of the restaurants I frequent weekly, I recommend it for a quick bite or drink.


One of my favorite items on the menu is the tuna crunch roll, but I also like to stick with the basics such as the philly roll or sweet potato roll.  I think that my favorite aspect of Seito is that you can find traditional sushi items- this helps you stick to healthier options and additionally it isn’t over Americanized.


Overall, I really like the atmosphere of Seito, it’s very fitting to the neighborhood and is perfect for any type of occasion.  The food is good, service is great, and even picking up for take out is easy.  Give Seito a try and I promise you’ll return if your living in the Orlando area.

Recommended ($$)



4898 New Broad St.

Orlando, Fl 32814

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