shari sushi lounge.

Sushi is one of my absolute favorite foods; I eat it probably three times a week.  When you eat sushi as much as I do, you try to find new restaurants that have it on the menu.  Shari Sushi Lounge, located in Orlando, Florida has decent sushi in a cool atmosphere.  Open since 2004, Shari has offered its clients many different creations for the sushi enthusiast. 

Shari has received many awards in the time that its been open and is part of the chic downtown area of Thortan Park.  Although the place is very relaxed, and I enjoyed the restaurant as an overall whole, I was a little disappointed in the roll options.  Because I eat out a lot, I like sushi to be my healthy option; Shari does not have a lot of simple rolls or healthy choices.

I asked the server what were the best choices, and she suggested the drama queen, key lime, or tango mango.  All three of these rolls consist of raw fish and are lightly rolled in tempura flakes- a much healthier choice from those containing tempura shrimp.  

I ended up selecting the drama queen which included spicy tuna tartare and avocado rolls, laced with wasabi, rumored with Japanese hamachi and dressed with spicy kimchee sauce and scallions.  I was nervous that it was still going to be unhealthy and overly Americanized, but it was not.  The tuna was incredibly fresh and the roll was very good.  Additionally, my dinner party had edamame and a variety of drinks, including the house prosecco.

Shari Sushi is a fun choice.  I enjoyed the meal, but I’m not complete sure if I would frequent the restaurant.  For the most part, it was decent and I would make a monthly visit at most.

Give it a try.


621 E. Central Blvd.

Orlando, Florida 32801

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