minetta tavern.

Because I’ve just started this blog I thought I’d inform everyone about some of my favorites during the beginning of this adventure.  Minetta Tavern, located in Greenwich Village (113 MacDougal St.), opened its doors in 2009, by Keith McNally- owner of Balthazar and a few other great NYC restaurants, offers one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.  

Thought of as a revival, the space has been occupied since the 1930’s as a speakeasy- saloon, and throughout the years has been an Italian joint, as well as a hang out for those of the village.  McNally has kept the saloon vibe with a classic oak bar in the front room.  As you travel through the restaurant most of the seating is in the back where you can find black and white marble and red leather booths.   

Before arriving at Minetta Tavern you know your going to have a great experience; McNally’s reputation allows you to know that your going to be among NYC’s best- including the fashionable crowd and celebrities.

The food is some of the best I have ever had as well.  Minetta Tavern offers a French fair and of course the famous burger.  When I dined at the restaurant I chose the pâté special, which was a duck liver combination with candied coating served with a side of beets.  For my entree I enjoyed the Black Label Burger.

The Black Label Burger is the item to order at Minetta.  Being specifically designed by head chefs’, Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, it is served with a side of fries and on a specialty brioche bun.  The made to order burger is topped with cooked onions.  Highly recommended, you must order the burger.

The overall experience was very pleasant, the bar is great and the staff is even better. I really enjoyed the fact that the staff fits the restaurant- no one is trying to hard, it runs smoothly, and you take it for what it is.  There’s nothing I hate more than when a restaurant feels like its trying to do something that is unfitting to the area; Minetta does not do that at all.  

So check out Minetta Tavern; it’s highly recommended in my book and won’t let you down.  Remember make reservations!

Highly Recommended.

113 MacDougal St.
New York, NY 10012
Tel. 212-475-3850
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