Mostly being known as a city in Italy, Prato can also be found in Winter Park, Florida as a new Italian restaurant (124 N. Park Ave).  Prato offers its guests a mixture of Italian foods with a new inventive style and Tuscan flair.  Located on Park Avenue the restaurant is full of festivity and excitement.

When walking into Prato I was not sure if I was going to enjoy it or not.  I felt as though the restaurant was trying a little too hard to match restaurants of NYC, specifically those in the Meat Packing district.  However, the food is decent – at best – and, surprisingly, I was pleased.

During my first visit I had the margarita pizza with the campanga, a salad made up of arugula, radicchio, pancetta tesa, almond, and balsamic.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the salad, the pizza had  little to be desired. 

The myth about a good pizza supposedly comes from the water it was made with; Prato’s pizza tastes like the local water that comes out of the sink or sprinklers, and if you know anything about Orlando water; it’s not all that drinkable.  Secondly, the margarita pizza is not a traditional margarita pizza; it is simply a cheese pizza with a couple of basil leaves.  There could be more basil and, also, I felt like there was something lacking: a spice of some sort.

On my second trip I had the yellowfin tuna crudo, it was amazing.  In fact, I kept thinking about this dish so much that I returned the next evening to order it again.  

Along with the decent food is a nice staff who is very attentive.  I enjoy the bar tenders; they are extremely friendly.  Also, the freshly made sangria is wonderful.  


Yes, I do have a few complaints about Prato, but overall it is a decent casual restaurant and addition to Winter Park.



124 N. Park Ave.
Winter Park, Fl 32789
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